Bella Stepping into Quarterfinals

Bella Stepping into Quarterfinals

Bella Stepping into Quarterfinals

Incheon Bellaetrix Manuputty keep the chances to win a medal in the individual number 2014 Asian Games badminton Bella qualify for the women’s singles quarterfinals after defeating India, PV Sindhu

The second round match between Bella and Sindhu in Gyeyang Gymnasium, Incheon, South Korea, Thursday (09/25/2014), was fierce throughout the three games. Bella finally emerged as the winner with a score of 20-22, 21-16, 22-20.

For Bella, it becomes revans victory over the defeat of Sindhu in Uber Cup quarterfinals in 2014.

From the beginning I was already preparing for the Asian Games and the same would revans Sindhu. Winning lose number two, which is important I could spend all abilities,” said Bella to

While losing on setting 20-20 (in the first game), I think I like this cook doang defeat anyway?” Bella said.

The defeat at Uber Cup was very stifling for me, after the game I could not sleep because of regret. So last while playing, I do not want to feel lost again, I came like crazy on the field because of the way himself constantly, that would encourage self , he said with a laugh.

After Bella managed to win the second game, the game resumed tense determination. Bella who was winning 6-1 back when pressed gently Sindhu started following the game became 11-11 at the interval. The position continues to draw up 16-16 and both players look insistent. Bella had left at position 18-19.

Although superior, Sindhu also feel the tension. Several times he failed to return a hard smash Bella directed to the right side. Increasingly fierce fight when both players must race setting at position 20-20. Two returns Sindhu failed over the net to make Bella qualify for the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinal, Bella will challenge the top seed from China, Li Xuerui. In the position of underdog, Bella will be without burden. But, he still would have struggled as much as possible.

I’ve often lost to him, but the player keeps winning does not mean going to win again in the next game. Vice versa,” said Bella.

So I do not feel weighed against him. Hopefully I can perform all out and win again tomorrow,” he said.